Sponsors & Vendors

To bring to life an event of this scale we need real horsepower!

Sponsors from small to quite large join our forces and put fuel in our tanks to kick things off. Those sponsors benefit by the literally thousands of eyes that will be here seeing there logos, products or services and their commitment to such a relevant area event.

At street level, various kinds of vendors are the life blood of the Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion. Whether they show the crowds unique treasures for sale or serve us the mouth-watering and temping smells only they can conjure, vendors play an important part for them not to mention area merchants who stand to benefit from all of the traffic. It’s a win-win for attendees and vendors alike.

Like every well oiled machine, volunteers make the connections for everyone run smoother.

Whether its at registration day or maintaining busy areas or even possibly assisting with security and parking, people just like you can make a difference in making an event like this well attended year after year. Join our ranks and you’ll be an important member of our Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion community.